Ellen Grösser - Behandlung Knie

Pain shows, a part of your “system” is not in balance.

Pain/Ache, i. e. back ache, headaches, jaw ache, knee pain, …, has a great variety of quality and cause. Its source is not only physical, but quite often also psychological. Pain shows, that something is not right in ourselves. Lately researchers found out, chronic pain changes our brain structure. And the experience of brain is very individual. This means, pain is in the mind. I look for a holistic cause and try to get your whole system into balance. Who do i treat?

Postural alignment

Function and form go together. Good posture and mobility results from structural alignment of the body, like a child's tower of bricks, where the weight of the block above is transferred directly to the one below. I will analyse the way you stand and walk and improve your body alignment if necessary. When the body is in structural balance, the muscles and fascia can be more relaxed and the joints free.