Constitutional Treatment of Children (Process Oriented Prescription)

Immune System, Allergies, Attention Deficits

Most of the symptoms that confront a homeopath in the case of children’s health problems center around the immune system. These present themselves as recurrent respiratory- and ear infections or allergic reactions (hay fever, chronic rhinitis, asthma, and eczema). On the basis of the indicated clinical symptoms, the child could be treated with homeopathic remedies.

The classical homeopath's goal for a child is, however, to strengthen the child‘s general energy level. The work is done on the level of the “whole person“. A constant monitoring of behavior and symptoms and several prescriptions are often necessary to establish a stable health condition.

Homeopathy has the ability to correct the immune system “damage” wrought by iatrogenic causes in the form of drugs and vaccines. This does not mean that conventional medical drugs have to be excluded completely. However, it is important, to support the child's system by keeping drugs to a minimum and to encourage dietary changes if necessary.

A similar approach can bring essential changes in treatment of neurobehavioral developmental disorders like attention deficits and hyperactivity.