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Ellen Grösser - Diplom-Biologin, Heilpraktikerin

I studied Human Biology and Psychology. Having received my degree in Human Biology 1992, I started a conventional career in the pharmaceutical industry, i.e. export business or marketing manager. I worked in variuos management positions, all dealing with the sales of pharmaceutical drugs.

But selling medicines and doing big business did not make me happy: With my first pregnancy, I came into contact with natural remedies for the first time. Natural remedies of a wise midwife led me through my twin pregnancy and kept me healthy until I had a natural delivery in the 39th week.

First consultation with a naturopath with one of my twins, inspired me to start my own studies and initiated the vocation for this profession.

After a 4 year study at a full-time naturopath school, I passed additional training in Homeopathy and Osteopathy. Spending my first years as a naturopath in a midwife’s practice, I got a lot of experience in treating mothers and babies. Parallel to that, I worked part time in a massage, osteopathy and chiro practice. I participated in postgraduate seminars for fascial osteopathy, children’s osteopathy, treatment during pregnancy and newborns.

Since 2010 I am a student of Dr. Michael Shea, B.A. M.A. Phd. Florida. I am listed as a “Master Therapist” of the German Cranio Sacral Association.

I have been teaching at the Paracelsus schools in Germany (Osteopathy and Childrens courses), in 2017, I founded with 2 other colleagues the seminar place “Seminare Vulkaneifel” in Soucth West Germany (see rider seminars and facebook account “Seminare Vulkaneifel)

I am also organizing and moderating the annual European Craniosacral Association Network (ECSAN) meetings around Europe. This European network was founded in 2014 to increase recognition of craniosacral, to support therapists on a European level, set craniosacral training standards and exchange information.

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